Terms & Conditions

Our Refund Policy

  • If no Specimen arrives at the Unit, independent of the reason why, Client will only have to pay a fixed amount of 50% to cover the cost incurred thus far. This means that the Enrolment Fee, reduced by this fixed amount, will be reimbursed. Collection kit must be returned to CRYO-SAVE unopened from its sterile packing. Should the sterile packaging be broken, Enrolment Fee will not be refunded.

  • In the event that Specimen has been collected, received and processed, yet CRYO-SAVE reject the sample due to its non-compliance with regulatory standards, no storage will take place and CRYO-SAVE will refund the Storage Fee to the Client. The Enrolment Fee and the Processing Fee is not refundable if the Cord Blood (and/or, if applicable, Cord Tissue/Placental Tissue/Cord Vessel) Specimen has been processed and tested.

  • In the event that any part of a client package is not processed, the client is only responsible for paying for the components that are successfully processed and stored. If any component of your package is not processed, the client will not be responsible for paying for these components and any costs paid will be reimbursed as per the terms and conditions of this agreement. Refer to the table below.

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